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Establishment of stocks
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Stockpiling fee and payment thereof
Stockpiling fee rates

The financing of the establishment and maintenance of the oil stocks is regulated by Section 8 of the Liquid Fuel Stocks Act. According to Subsection 1, the establishment of stocks shall be covered from the state budget by increasing the share capital of the stockholder (OSPA) and using funds received from the sale of stocks. Same section subsection 2 says, that the costs for holding the stocks shall be covered out of the stockpiling fee to be paid by the payer of stockpiling fee.

Upon gradual establishment of the 90-day fuel reserve, the share capital of OSPA was increased upon annual increase of stocks until 2008. The size of share capital is 132 851 000 euros.

According to the Liquid Fuel Stocks Act § 8 section 2 payer of stockpiling fee is a payer of excise duty taxes according Alcohol, Tobacco, Fuel and Electricity Excise Duty Act § 22 section 1. Absence of the excise duty tax payer taxes are paid by a person who allows fuel to consumption. Payer of stockpiling fee tax is also considered a person who supplies aircrafts, what are refueled in Estonia, with jet A-1.

Figure. Financing establishment, maintenance and holding of oil stocks.

The figure shows the approximate maintenance costs of 90 days' oil stocks. 90 days' stocks were established in 2012.


28.03.2019 - OSPA announced the results of tender